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Cirque Kalandra  is about creativity, the cirque is about going out of your comfort zone, the cirque is about like stretching your imagination and go a bit beyond the attention to details all those things are quite in line with our corporate value. And if ours guys bring that to our customers the same way that the cirque brings that to us during that event that's a match, that's what we want to leave people with as they leave the event.Yea! We would definitely recommend an event with the cirque to any business if you want to be different, if you want, to drive different results, than your competitors.We think like anybody can bring folk to a regular event that we all know about, but this one is different.It's not only another ticket for a night out. but it's a chance to mingle in a different environment, it's a chance to spend quality time with your people and you will also leave them with something that's amazing, in their mindyou'll imprint, memories forever.

We’re with you every step of the way

  • A one-step booking process

  • Fully customizable shows

  • Corporate entertainment tested & honed in 300+ shows each year

  • Minimal technical requirements

  • One simple booking fee                                                                                          

 Perfect Entertainment For...

  •   Corporate Events

  •   Award Ceremonies

  •   Corporate Concerts

  •   Business Parties

  •   Charity Galas

  •   Convention Groups

  •   Client Receptions

  •  Cocktail Parties

  •  Promotional Events

  •  Holiday Parties

  • Only Professional entertainment

Let’s plan your event together

Watch Our Showreel

Watch Our Showreel

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