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​Answers to everything you've ever wanted to know in life... well...

  1. Can you perform outdoors?

    • Yes. Please contact us regarding your specific event.

  2. Do you perform outside of the USA?

    • Yes. Together, our acrobats and entertainers have performed in over 70 countries.

  3. What can you rig from?

    • Any steel I-beam, box truss, catwalks, grids, our portable aerial rig, or permanent structural features. Also from aircraft cable, and certain natural objects such as trees.

  4. What is the minimum safety rating for aerial performance rigging?

    • The mount point for aerial apparatuses must support at least 500 lbs for static or 2000 lbs for dynamic. The greater the safety rating, the bigger the tricks. Our own equipment is rated from 2000-15000 lbs. Don't worry too much about rigging points. We will make a complete inspection of the space and offer suggestions. We also offer portable and custom rigging.

  5. Will I have to hire riggers?

    • Depends... on the physical requirements of your space. However, in almost all cases, our aerialists are able to self-rig in less than 15 minutes using no more than a ladder or lift.

  6. Can you perform over an audience?

    • Yes, with certain restrictions.

  7. How big should the stage be, how high should the ceilings be?

    • Minimum: 8' x 8' stage or flat level surface. Height minimum of 10' for ground acrobatics and 16' for aerial. Much larger space is preferred. Recommended 25' x 25'+ for stages and 20-40' of height.

  8. Our ceilings are low, do you have any suggestions?

    • We have many options, please contact us directly.

  9. What about costumes?

    • We maintain and extensive costume collection to suit most events. Custom creation and corporate branding is available at reasonable rates, when requested.

  10. What color aerial silks do you have?

    • We can supply almost any color you wish.

  11. We have a conservative audience, do you have any formal pieces?

    • Yes... and we look great in our tuxes and gowns! We also provide all male casts when religious organizations request them

  12. We have a daring audience, do you have anything a little "different"?

    • We have numerous adult-oriented options.

  13. We are looking for an all girl show to appeal to a mostly...

    • See you there.

  14. Ooo, you'd be perfect for our gay event...

    • See you there.

  15. For religious reasons, we can only have male performers, do you do completely male shows?

    • Yes, and have on many occasions.

  16. So on Christmas, Halloween, and New Year's I'd like...

    • Book well, well, well in advance.

  17. I have this charity that is throwing a fundraiser...

    • Contact us directly.


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