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 Cirque Kalandra Productions is a international cast of multi-talented and brilliantly costumed artists come to life and perform astonishing feats of disbelief
 Cirque Kalandra  “The Perfect Holiday Gift chock full of stupefying stunts. This is a show that everyone will enjoy, children and adults alike. It’s colorful, festive, imaginative, inventive, and thoroughly entertaining.


Are a magically glamour functional way to present atmosphere show, Interactive or full cirque style show. Solutions include strategy creative design, idea, staging, production and management for any special events. Performance and career is merged into the entrepreneurial spirit to thousands of different activities for different groups and organizations. That produces dramatic mix of circus act and theatrical, fantastic ambiance, interactive costumed show for special events. Its theatrical character approach helped define the contemporary circus. Naturalness, extraordinarily style, openness of the soul.

We performing in Theaters, Casinos, Them Parks, Cruise Line, Corporate Events, Special Events, Networking Events, Product Launch Parties, Private Parties, Fashion Shows, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, Birthday Party, Concerts Booking, Shows & Events, Corporate Meetings, Event Marketing & Production, Product launches, Show Tours, Special Event.

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